Matalan haul

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Matalan is a shop I've started to love, I recently purchased some new clothes for myself online from their site and I was really impressed by the quality/style of them. I wore one of the tops to work and got compliments. I'll hopefully get a blog post of that haul up soon, but for now I went to Matalan for new clothes for my son. As you can see I spotted a few other items on my way around.

All clothes purchased for my son are in age 2-3 years, he's 14 months but is quite tall for his age.

Boys Camo Print Zip Through Hoodie & Boys zip trough baseball sweatshirt

These little trainers are so light and my son finds it easier to walk in these than the Clarks shoes I bought him. These were tagged £12 but when I went through my receipt they were only £6, bargain compared to £30+ for Clarks, however my son has broad feet so it's very hard finding any shoes to fit him that's why we usually have to buy Clarks and get his feet measured every time.

As Fathers Day is coming up in June I thought I would get this - can't find it online.

The last pair of slippers I bought myself was the pair I bought to put into my hospital bag for having my son. They were the same as these except in cream and they lasted so well that I thought I would buy them again but in grey. They are very comfortable and cosy! All I can remember from having them in the delivery room was the midwife saying 'I'll just move these lovely slippers as something might go on them'... makes me laugh every time.

Other items bought:
Boys 2 pack print tops - the paint splatter top & chameleon
Ladies footsie socks (can't find online)
2 pack hand towels (can't find online)
2 pack bath towels (bought two pack, can't find online)

This all came to that total of £83! The towels were on offer and then the little trainers were half price, such a bargain for the amount of products purchased.

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