ZARA sale delivery....

I love online shopping as it feels like you're getting a present every time you get one delivered. I love opening the items and seeing how they compare to the online pics.

I was very good this time and only bought two things, however there is a ZARA very close to my work so there's still time to look through more sale items.  This lovely grey bag for £12.99 & this gorgeous printed skirt for £12.99, it's now down to £9.99! This skirt is a stretchy material which makes it really comfy.

I just had to do a close up as I'm in love with this bag, it's just the perfect size!  It has a pouch at the front, one inner zip & a nice sized strap. Unfortunately I can't find it online to link it for you:(

I'm very happy with my items, and would suggest that you have a look a their sale items, you'll not be disappointed.

Have you bought anything from the Zara sale?

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  1. Ooh I love both of these! I'm trying to stop myself going into Zara in case I get a little carried away haha xx

    1. I know it's so hard, I waited three days then caved in and went online to see what they!:)x

  2. Love shopping online tooo!!!! xx


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