5 tips when being diagnosed with Coeliac Disease

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I remember the first night when I was diagnosed, I made a stir fry.  Only when I sat down I then realised that soy sauce was not gluten free.  I remember that feeling of thinking how am I ever going to eat anything again.  Now 11 years on I physically couldn't eat something I knew wasn't gluten free as my mind is telling me how awful the gluten makes me feel & what damage it actually does to your body having Coeliac Disease.  These are some of my tips to get you started on a gluten free lifestyle.

  1. Make a list of all gluten items and keep a note of these in your phone so that when you are shopping or eating out you can check what contains gluten.
  2. Dedicate a section in your kitchen cupboard to your own food and snacks to make it clearer what you can eat.  At the start this would be good so you don't have to keep checking if it's something you can eat or not. Also be careful of cross-contamination in the kitchen.
  3. When heading out always bring snacks with you, just in case you are somewhere that doesn't sell gluten free options.
  4. When eating out always ask waiters to double check with the chef, you aren't being fussy you have an illness.
  5. Stay positive, eating gluten free doesn't mean food and snacks can't be exciting!  You will get to the stage where I am now, 11 years on where I actually don't miss food I was previously able to eat or feel left out when eating out.
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