Budget tips on a gluten free lifestyle

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Once you've been on a gluten free diet for a while you'll realise you don't have to eat everything from the free from range in the dedicated aisles of the supermarkets. Not only are they quite expensive options but they aren't always the healthiest of choices.

I plan meals including fresh meat/veg first, then if I need a quick and easy option night I'll have a look in the frozen free from section. The main thing I get from it is gf chicken goujons.

I incorporate quite a few vegetarian meals into my diet as my stomach doesn't seem to agree with too much meat.  Not only is this a good option for my stomach but it's also a money saving tip. I make bean burgers all the time and they cost roughly £1 which makes 4-6 depending on the size.

Eating leftovers for lunch is a big thing I do maybe 2 - 3 times a week, left over Thai green curry, stir fry are delicious the next day!  Cheese and gf crackers is my go to lunch if I'm in a rush. 

We were previously in a routine of going out every Saturday morning for a coffee and snacks which would be at least £20 each time.  I've now started getting an online delivery every Friday as then the fridge and cupboards are stocked with any snacks for over the weekend to try and stop the urge of expensive gf buns etc. 

We also invested in a milk frother and honestly I think it tastes better making the cappuccino & lattes at home! We now don't have the same cravings for coffee as we enjoy it at home better & in our travel cups on the go.
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