Coeliac awareness month

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Hello, it's been a while... again!! I want to start to get back into blogging and I thought I would do so by bringing awareness to May being the month of Coeliac Disease Awareness.

A time dedicated to raising awareness about coeliac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle. For those with coeliac disease, consuming gluten can trigger a range of unpleasant symptoms (everyone is different) and potentially lead to long-term health complications. I like to show people the importance of coeliac awareness, offer tips for managing a gluten-free diet, and share some delicious gluten-free finds along the way!

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition that affects roughly 1 in 100 people worldwide, yet many cases remain undiagnosed. Misconceptions about gluten-free diets make it challenging for those with coeliac disease to navigate social situations, dining out, and grocery shopping (people thinking you are being fussy).

Tips for Managing a Gluten-Free Diet:

  1. Education is Key: Understanding which foods contain gluten and learning to read food labels is essential. Gluten can hide in unexpected places such as sauces, dressings, and processed foods.
  2. Naturally Gluten-Free Foods: It's all about finding out what your favourite meals are & if they can be incorporated without making it so expensive.
  3. Meal Planning and Preparation: Planning meals ahead of time and preparing homemade dishes whenever possible can help you maintain a well-balanced gluten-free diet.
  4. Communication is Crucial: Whether dining out or attending social gatherings, don't hesitate to communicate your dietary needs to friends, family, and restaurant staff. Most establishments are accommodating once they understand the severity of coeliac disease. You will at some point have the fear of wondering if something you are eating out is actually gluten free or not!!
  5. Find Support: social media can provide valuable tips, recipes, and emotional support from others who understand the challenges of living with coeliac disease.

Coeliac UK is a great source of info if you are newly diagnosed - here's their Awareness Month post

I can't wait to hear from any of you who have maybe just been diagnosed, lived with it for years or know someone who has it and you like to know how to cater for them!

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