Me time - gardening

I am eagerly waiting for strawberry buds to appear on these lovely strawberry plants (this has now doubled in size)

The strawberry plant flowers are so pretty

Everyone should have a mint plant (this has now tripled in size). It gives your garden a beautiful aroma plus fresh mint tea whenever you want!

Bringing the outdoors indoors - Chives. I enjoy adding these to omelettes and salads as they are lovely and fine. 

I love having little plant pots in my kitchen as it encourages me to plant my own herbs

This now has a thyme plant in it

I need to buy seeds again to refill these

I am minimalistic about gardening, I love having a few plant pots scattered around my garden.  One day the dream is to have a slightly bigger garden and grow my own vegetables.

Do you enjoy gardening?


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  1. Oh gosh I need a strawberry plant! However I would probably kill mine haha
    Renee x

  2. Aren't they so cute! I haven't had to do much to mine and it's grown so much, I did mix in plant feed when I planted it so maybe that's done the trick:)


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