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My aim at the minute is to have a huge clear out of everything, makeup, beauty, clothes and homeware. My maternity leave is ending soon so I want to go back to work with as clear a mind as possible. I really do feel so much better when my house is organised... well as organised as it can be. Does anyone else feel a lot better when they've done a 'clear out'? I've been bringing things out of my wardrobe that I forgot I had which is not only a huge waste of money but space to so I've been donating a lot of clothes to charity and putting some things on ebay. We've also been clearing out the attic which is great, why do we all put stuff in an attic then forget about it?! I'm finding decluttering a very therapeutic process.

Things in my instagram pics about that I forgot I had:

-The GHD heat proof case which folds out into a mat to set the straightners on, I use this every day now to prevent heat marks on my furniture. 
-The Real Techniques makeup brush holder which folds into a stand, this is so perfect as all the brushes I use daily can be kept in this and it will save me a lot of time rummaging through my draw to find the brush I want. 
-All those miniature products, I'm currently using as many as these up before they go out of date.
-The Nuxe oil, I use this nearly every day now on my arms and neck as it gives a spa like smell and lovely glow to the skin.


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