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Holland and Barrett's sell some of my favourite gluten free goodies, so I had to make use of their buy one get one half price sale and stock up on a few things.

Mrs Crimbles apple rice cakes - if you are like me and love a coffee along with cheese and crackers at the weekends you will love these. You can get them in plain as well but the sweet apple flavour goes really nicely with cheese. These come wrapped in 4 stay fresh packs which means they are also handy for me to put into my handbag for a snack, as if have Coeliac you will know not everywhere caters for gluten free.

Mrs Crimbles cheese crackers - these are more like a traditional cracker and are perfect for topping with cheese and your favourite chutney.

Eat real quinoa sour cream crisps - I have a very bad addiction to crisps and popcorn (healthy homemade popcorn recipe here) so I'm trying to go for the most healthiest option available. These are delicious and very addictive!

Eat real chilli lentil chips - again these crisps are very 'moreish' and feel healthier than your normal crips.

Beyond Dark 70% dark chocolate drops -  this is the first time trying these and oh my word they are good! I've already demolished theses two bags, they taste so smooth and rich. I will definitely be buying these again, might even say they are more satisfying than milk chocolate.

What's your favourite snacks?


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