5 ways to help clear your mind

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Declutter/Organise. Do we really need a wardrobe that is packed full... one where you can't even move the hangers on the rail to look at the clothing, drawers that are overflowing and you have forgotten what is at the bottom of them? If so it's time to declutter which in turn will be very satisfying... knowing what's in your wardrobe will mean taking less time to get ready.  I need to declutter more beauty items and try and get a go to collection of products that work for me.   Ideally everything you own should have a place for it to be stored as then you don't spend time looking for things.  My task soon is to get a hook for behind the door where all keys go, my son now likes to play with the keys and they end up being hiden inside various toys.  I've also watched a few documentaries on minimalism which are intriguing, totally changes how I feel about material items.

Me time.  Take a breather and listen to your body.  This is sometimes hard to do, especially if you are a person like me who can't fully relax.  Have a night a week where you pamper yourself, watch all those videos on your YouTube watch later playlist or whatever helps you relax (mine is mostly eating a full bag of popcorn).   

Exercise.  Walks, going to the gym, playing with your children in the garden, doing squats whilst the kettle boils or any of your favourite forms of exercise.  I recently joined the gym and I can't believe the difference it makes, it gives me a little boost of energy and overall makes feel good about myself.

Mindfulness.  This is a new thing to me, I never heard of it before until we had a seminar in work on health.  It's all about paying more attention to the present moment – to your own thoughts and feelings which can help improve your mental well being.  I've practised some of the meditation techniques and they really help me focus.  Having a person who you can open up to about any topic is also important, if not there are lots of amazing charities out there who have relevant expertise to get you through important/difficult times in your life. 

Think about others.  As Ellen DeGeneres says 'Be kind to one another'.  If I ever have low days I always end up realising that there are people going through worse things in their lives than me, I'm a see the glass half full type of person.  Today I was in a rush going around getting the weekly shop trying to get back in time so my son could go down for his nap, when an elderly gentleman was standing looking for help.  Of course I stopped and spent time with this man...who wanted to make sure there were no nuts in the buns he was about to buy as he had about three teeth left & nuts are out of bounds... what if I was that mans only conversation for the day/week/month? 

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