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Back in August I had an actual lightbulb moment where I realised I hadn't been looking after myself, almost a year and a half later and I still hadn't lost post baby weight.  Yes I could fit into pre baby jeans but not comfortably at all!

Since having my son I've also been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so that doesn't help with weight loss along with a few more health issues.  Not that there's a time frame to lose baby weight etc but I just needed to make time for me and my health.  

I got my act together and joined the gym to try get my health back into line♡  I currently try and go every other day.

Sports direct and H&M are my current places to go for gym wear, the  ClimaLite technology gym wear items definitely make a difference when you are sweating.  

I have a smart watch which also keeps me motivated, I have the Samsung Classic 2 which is not only a beautiful looking watch but it keeps tracks of all my gym workouts, heart rate and steps.

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